Please see the Financial Regulations for a comprehensive guide to Kea Parish Council’s financial responsibilities.

Audit Reports
Information for Tenders

Information for submitting tenders for cutting of public rights of way in Kea Parish 2022/23.

Please forward your tender bid to the Parish Clerk by Friday 14th January 2022. There is a possibility that a couple of additional paths may be added to the schedule. All gold rated paths are cut, silver rated paths are cut at the discretion of the Parish Council, Kea Parish Council usually cut the following silver paths – 1, 2, 21, 26, 28, 29, 31, 32/2 and 43.  Please submit your tender bid in the form of a price per kilometre.

Combined SWCP_LMP Small works contract amended 03 01 2019 (3)

Risk Management Note for the SWCP & Local Maintenance Partnership (1)

LMP 308 Kea Contractor Schedules

KeaA3 Map of paths

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